I Don’t Use JavaScript Classes At All. Am I Missing Out on Something?

function flowerColour(flowerType, colour) {
return `${flowerType} are ${colour}`
/* Call `flowerColour` partially, setting the
`flowerType` argument to "Roses" */
const rosesAre = flowerColour.bind(null, "Roses")
console.log(rosesAre("red")) // Returns "Roses are red"
/* Map is a higher-order function, because
it takes a function as an argument */
// Returns [10, 16, 37, 9]
[20, 32, 74, 18].map(number => number / 2)
/* Another higher order function, in this
case, it returns a function */
function createLuckyNumber(name) {
const luckyNumber = parseInt(10000 * Math.random())
return function() {
return `${name}'s lucky number is ${luckyNumber}`
const emmasLuckyNumber = createLuckyNumber("Emma")
const joesLuckyNumber = createLuckyNumber("Joe")
// Returns "Emma's lucky number is 7280"
// Returns "Joe's lucky number is 2971"

What Make Classes Tick



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